Shock Bolt Kits

KDS Performance is happy to announce that we will now be carrying E-Z Change shock install kits. These kits make installing rear shocks on many rear axle applications a breeze, a huge time saver.

The E-Z Change setup is a pair (one per side) of stainless steel U-bolts shaped to drop into the shock bolt holes in the crossmember (from the top). The “U” bolts supplied are made of 304 stainless steel rod stock. Nylon-insert flanged self-locking nuts are supplied for the upper shock tie-bar mounting to the crossmember.

Once one nut is on, the shock is hanging from the U-bolt, and both hands are now free to install the second nut and run the tool(s) used to finish the job. A couple of LONG extensions and a ratchet with the proper socket is all you’ll need.

Torque the lock nuts 11-12 lb/ft to secure the shock absorber with the U-bolt and lock nut arrangement. This torque  is easily achieved with hand tools, use of impact tools is not recommended.


The U-bolts fit a wide range of GM vehicles, as well as others that use “Tie-bar Style upper shock mount.

1977-1996  Caprice, Impala, Roadmaster, and the Fleetwood Brougham, Caprice/Roadmaster/Custom Cruiser wagons. 80’s RWD Electra, Delta 88/98, Parisienne, and Bonneville.

1978-87 G Bodies : Regal, Monte Carlo, Cutlass Supreme, El Camino/Caballero.

1971-1976 Caprice, Bonneville, Grandville, Electra etc.

Many more applications!

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